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General Director, SERC

            Gil-Cheol Park

  Recently, Information Respondence Technology has developed rapidly. Protecting information from being attacked is one of the most important things in non-military, government, and military fields because their work deals with information communication and computer technology. For this reason, the Security Engineering Research Center(SERC) was appointed by the Korea Ministry of Science and Techmology as a regional research center on July 1st, 2003 in order to contribute to local development and foster the international competitive power of the industry by researching Security Engineering(SE)-related techmology, adn to build up a supporting system for the whole country through establishing the autonomy of local areas.


  The research interests of SERC are 3 fold: 'security management and access control', 'cryptology and security systems', and 'applied security systems'. SERC aims at research that will provide world level security technology that is demanded by most fields in the industry, university, military, and government settings. We are going to develop SERC as the center of research development in Security Engineering Techmology in the world, as well as in Korea. The specific roles of the center in the future are as follows.

    ■ Provider of research in Security Engineering Techmology for the cross use of the         military and the non-military

    ■ Security evaluator
    ■ Technomart research base of information and electronics for the national defense
    ■ Provider of specialists in electronics and information war-related areas

  The cross use of military and the non-militaty technology in Daejeon is possible since the 3 military headquaters(in Shindoan), the ADD and Education Headquater, the 3 military-university headquartes(in Jaundae) are located in the city. This allows for a research project to be developed where the outcome of the research can be applied to both military and non-military uses. Daejeon also has the benefit of having research centers and universities such as KAIST, Chungnam Univ., Hannam Univ., Daejeon Univ., Baejae Univ., Mokwon Univ., ICU., ect. which can take part in the research projects. In addition, there is the Dae Deuk Techmo Valley, which is formed by more than 200 venture enterprises, which can be the sponsor as well as the co-developer of research projects. Daejeon city is a great place that prossesses developers, those who have an interest in looking after new research projects, and those that could benefit from the results obtained from the projects.

  We are going to make our best efforts to give practical assistance to SE-related industry sectors, and to be a research center that fosters local cooperation by spreading the accumulated experience and technology to the domestic security-related industry as well.

  I sincerely appreciate those who have given us great help on establishing the center, and I'd ask you to continue to assist us with your constant concern. Thank you.

Gil-Cheol Park, Ph.D.          

General Director, SERC